Thursday, June 22, 2006


First: Respectful of Otters is back. I'm thrilled! She does good analysis.

I'm getting more and more distressed by Ozzie Guillen's homophobic comments the other day, and by Sean Tracey's reprimand for NOT hitting the batter when Ozzie told him to. He got sent back down to the minors, and in the future he swears he'll do as he's told. The Sox are a stellar team, but their priorities are all messed up. Is it any wonder I root for the Cubs?

Tonight was the Midwestern Ladies' Auxiliary Love Review at the Hideout! Fabulous authors Jami Attenburg, Wendy McClure, Emily Flake, and Hana Schank all read for me. For me! And some other people too. I came home with some magazines and a reading list, though my book budget is still pretty thin at the moment. C told me to go on out and have a good time while he cooked dinner. I felt like Cinderella going to the ball.

Amazingly, another day has flown right by. As Ron says, we'll try it again tomorrow.


Anonymous carolyn said...

i was planning to go to that last night!! but i just didn't have time...

7:31 AM  
Anonymous MaryM said...

Hi again -- re: my second comment to the previous post, I'm a dolt and can't find your e-mail...if you'd like that piece, maybe e-mail me at mccainmary AT hotmail DOT com

11:10 AM  

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