Monday, May 22, 2006

when it rains, it pours

It's Monday morning and everyone needs something to read. But again, I don't have nearly as much time as I would like for commentary. The fun never stopped this weekend! (No, I'm really not being sarcastic.) I took a fabulous trip out to The Fold with Mimazu. Ran into Emily and some other fabulous folks from the MDK party way back when (arghk! I can't find the right blogs! Could you point me in the correct direction?) I was successfully cute at a birthday party, attended church and a special meeting without whining, and supervised C as he made the second rhubarb pie of the season. His efforts outstripped my own. I'm trying not to panic about that.

There's also a slew of random knitting items to catalog. Remember when I said I just couldn't find a project to get motivated on? That I hadn't been knitting? HA! Those days are so over.

Since last week, this unassuming sock has grown a leg and a heel.
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And I've been narrowing down my choices on what to do with the yarn haul from Loopy.
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Ribbon scarf, obviously, but when?

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I don't even know quite how many balls there are because they are so tangled in each other. I was hoping for a short sweater, but Dana set me back on the path to reality and said, "Maybe a shrug."

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Shell? Floofy baby gear for one of the breeding friends?

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Tank top? I thought about making a skirt but I don't think I have enough yarn to cover my behind.

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Gym bag. No, really; I carry a teeny bag that's big enough to hold my humbug, my gym card, and a lock when I go to the gym. (I don't shower there, because, ew.) My old one is cotton and looking stretchy and strange. Hopefully if I can get the gauge down far enough this will hold its shape.

This last one, from The Fold on Saturday, I have no words for. It just walked home with me, I swear.
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Knitting gods, help me.


Anonymous Theresa said...

Ooh! A spindle. There lies the way to madness, my friend. But good madness. And spinning wheels.

Did you get a good drop spindling lesson from Toni? If not, or if you need more spinning enabling, just let me know :-)

9:03 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

Thank you, that's a very kind offer! I am just fumbling through for the moment (we were in a hurry by the time we got out there, so no lesson) but in a couple weeks I will be ready for some fine tuning. I don't even know how to keep it from untwisting when I'm in the middle of spinning... that's why the fluff is all wrapped around the hook at the moment. :)

12:31 PM  
Anonymous MaryM said...

The projects and projects-to-be look like fun! I vote for a tank with the pretty acqua and/or teal colored yarn.

2:54 PM  

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