Wednesday, May 17, 2006

what the girls are saying

Sometimes I get too caught up in my reading (and saving my reading) to take any time for writing. I have yarn pictures, though I don't have them in the machine yet. Here's the old style "web log" for you this week. And yes, it's a cross-post. But since they're all good links, shouldn't everyone get pointed to them? Without ado:

Julie at A Little Pregnant remarks on the Catholic schoolteacher in WI who let on that she conceived using IVF and was subsequently fired.

Jessica at "Cancer, Baby" passed away last week. Orange Tangerine was kind enough to pass on the news and provide a primer for those of us who never got to read her in real time. I now firmly believe that everyone would benefit from reading her analysis of mood oglers, either as a cautionary tale or as ammunition for the next bozo who comes along.

Sundry: Mela suggests it's time to bring out our very last option for impeaching President Bush. Funny. New York gals are calling out street harassers on a public blog. A White Bear muses on plagarism, both in print and online.

All yesterday and today I've been reading about the WaPo article "Forever Pregnant". As a public-health chick, this seems like an expedient plan, if not the ideal one. Bitch Ph.D partially exonerates the CDC, but methinks they'll watch their phrasing in the future as they prepare for more angry letters.

Finally, what the girls are not saying: Jeff points me to an article about the 14 y.o. Ohio girl who is being held in custody, without counsel, for refusing to be a material witness to a molestation case. Sometimes it's all in what you don't say.


Blogger sturdygirl said...

hmmm - cat feces. that Post article was eye-opening.
btw - green gable is 20 sts/28 rows to 4". see you tonight?

6:07 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

I got gauge! YAY! Hopefully I'll have it started so that I can show it off tomorrow.

Yes, I considered printing the article and presenting this as a reason I should never clean the litter box again, but decided that in whole I disagreed with the thing. Too bad. It was a golden opportunity.

6:12 AM  

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