Thursday, June 15, 2006

D'oh, a sock, a stretched-out sock

Well, the Green Gable is going swimmingly, and may even be finished tonight, but I've been stressed at work and working on a sock heel that is never going to end. (I know! A sock heel! A little square flap and some yarn-overs, what's to that anyway?) And as I was wrapping up work I had to move the sock to shove my work-related projects back in the bag, and decided to pick it up and hold it for some comfort. Usually, this leads to knitting two rows, scolding myself, and stuffing it back in the bag.

Green Gable has a little spell on me, and I've been trying it on every few inches to get the right length. Which works out okay--I used to thread the stitches on some yarn, and lately I've just decided to breathe deeply and slip the stitches off the needle and then back on when I'm finished. This has only wrecked me once, which is in my acceptable level of risk for a cotton tee. Well, I tried the same thing with the sock, to see if this (ginormously large) heel flap was shaping up to fit well. It was a tight fit. I tugged. Something went "pop". Maybe it was in my mind. I tugged again and heard the "pop" again.

I knit myself a sturdy sock, yes I do! The stitches didn't break. It was the needle that bent. Who says a double-pointed needle has to be straight, anyway? I'm sure there must be some benefit to it.

I set down the sock and breathed quietly, so it was another twenty minutes before I saw the stitches on one side that had unraveled. I'll deal with that later, maybe after a nice glass of wine.

Thoughtful content (and pictures) to resume shortly.


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