Monday, May 08, 2006

and today I begin swatching for my next big project

Never fear, D. I was sitting at dinner tonight and I felt the knitting come back. Yesterday amid the madness I went out and bought a couple knitting books, despite being on somewhat of a yarn diet. Mimazu tempted me with the work of Mlles. Mason and Dixon, but I didn't find that one and walked home with "Knitting Nature" and the latest Yarn Harlot offering. After just twenty-four hours of paging through those, I started getting ideas again. Tank top ideas and more shawl ideas and baby blanket ideas. (Notice that I never have any dishcloth ideas; these are pretty high-investment experiments. I seem to be a risk-tolerant knitter, as evidenced by the sweater graveyard in my closet.) And possibly I will begin an even bigger project. Time will tell.

I've figured out that I post MUCH faster without putting in HTML or pictures. This one fact may be responsible for my beginning and end as a knitblogger.


Anonymous MaryM said...

Your post on the questions you've been getting re: C's surgery hit home -- Lil' E was born by cesarean and so I got some similar queries. I died laughing at the cell-phone tale! I can't wait to get that book myself (thanks again, Dana!). And finally, something relevant to this actual post: I hope I speak for all of us who know and love you when I say no photos is fine! I'm eager to hear about your brainstorming, when you have time to describe it.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

Why, thank you! I'm sure my book would be happy to make the rounds in a few weeks. I still want the MDK book for old times sake, but this is keeping me busy at the moment. So many good choices!

7:50 PM  

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