Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Whoa--what's that?

I look over to the right on my very own blog, which I've been studiously avoiding ever since I stopped posting, and what do I see? Some of my favorite links! Links I thought I didn't have time to go look up, since my RSS feeder is down! I could go back to old-fashioned surfing! Why didn't I think of this three weeks ago??

This is a death knell for my work productivity.

Listen to me, NPR!

(Let's not discuss my big lack of posting. My internet is still down, I'm sneaking on at work, and I don't have time to grovel overmuch. But hey, maybe I'll be back online after Saturday!)

Did anyone else catch Dr. Ruth's interview on NPR's Morning Edition today? It was priceless. The first time I heard it I cried, and the second time it made me chuckle--particularly the bit where she addresses "NPR" as if it were a singular person, as in, "Can you hear me, NPR?" Yes, Dr. Ruth, we can hear you.

Knitting content will resume with next post, but I'll give you a rundown on what's on the needles:

EZ's Baby Surprise Jacket (for Bonzo)
MDK's Moderne afghan using Homespun leftovers
that infernal Garden Path shawl which will never be finished
a Trekking sock

After a solid two or three weeks of not knitting at all, I've started to get back in the habit. It feels really really good. Like my brain is waking up again.