Monday, January 22, 2007


Things I would do tonight, if I had the focus:

* Write a Roe post. (Meanwhile, go read Bitch Ph.D's. It's pretty good. Link is in the sidebar, one of the few links that still work so take advantage of it.)
* Write to the kid. It's been a couple weeks since I did that.
* Mop the floor.
* Watch this $%#$&^ movie for work.
* Read more Dr. Sears.
* Email much-needed friends: Adri, Bekah, Beth, Ang. Miss them.
* Mark some dates from one calendar to another.
* Write a pregnancy update.
* Clean the desk. Fix the printer. Make my workspace not such a disaster.
* Call my cousin and ascertain just what's up with him.
* Put stamps away into my book. I like my stamps.
* Screw up my courage and get rid of a bunch of gewgaws I don't need.
* Re-swatch for the abandoned shawl. Resolve to write down the size needles used next time. (Alternately, throw out my interchangeable needles so I can no longer get away with this type of malarkey.)
* Go to the drugstore and buy C's fizzy drink mix and some baby aspirin for me.
* Record some books.
* Find an icon for this breeding odyssey so I can post without shame in the preggo's forum.

However, my brain is major-league broke tonight. (I blame Blue Monday: hat tip, janeorben) I am medicating with liberal doses of chocolate and Vorkosigan, and trying not to put weight on the more tender areas of brain. On the upside, the conference is all finished and work is going great now. Good night.


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