Monday, December 18, 2006

Hello, thank you, goodbye

Well, I've again spent just enough time online tonight to play the Fruitcake Game--you ever play that? It's the game where you cut yourself a big slice of holiday bread (yes, I love the fruitcake, I don't know what's wrong with all the rest of you. What do you have against candied cherries?) and then look and say, "Noo, far too much." So you cut it in half and take it to wherever you're eating it. Then in ten minutes, you wander by again and say, "A little more?" and you cut your uneaten half in half. Yum yum yum. Then you go to put away the treats, and realize it's not enough to wrap back up, so or course you need to finish it. Mmm, fruitcake.

The disadvantage of Christmas knitting is never getting to show people what you're working on, and having to work on logical deadlines instead of saying, "Hmm, I want to work on the summer tank top tonight." Bah humbug. But I'm heartened to know that one of my presents is for someone close, will be amazing and unexpected, and may in fact be finished on time. I'm so excited about that one, I wish I could be working on it even more right now. But I can't (see above re: total surprise.)

So thanks, y'all, for continuing to write and giving me such good stuff to read as I eat my fruitcake. I hope I can participate more after the end of the world end of the year.