Monday, January 15, 2007


Thanks to everyone for their advice on the DFS, particularly to Emily, since she's knit a DFS somewhat recently, and to all the folks who know Toni and recommended that I make life easy and call her before doing anything drastic.

I did call the Fold, in fact, and got Toni herself, even on the holiday weekend. She immediately found the right color and the right dye lot, commiserated with me about being so close to the end and so sure I had enough yarn, and agreed to ship it out promptly. How wonderful is she?!? I will even get a chance to use my new swift! I was tempted to ask her to throw in one of those little blue ball-winders*, but decided that I've spent enough on clothes and shoes** in the last three weeks that I really should use my lovely nosterpinne for another month or two. I'm used to doing all the winding by hand across my knees anyway, so I won't suffer through doing a couple more hanks of yarn that way. I have a few days off to work on little projects (more dishcloths, Wayne's hat) until the Miracle arrives, and then I can wrap it up, get its picture taken, and speed it on its way. I'm hoping to have nice pictures of this one, when I can finally show it off, and one of the reasons for my rush (besides its status as a Christmas birthday present) is that I don't want my very talented photographer to change her mind. So, hooray!

*Why didn't I get a swift and ball-winder together? Well, I have put off both for years because while either of them seemed reasonably priced by themselves, the two of them together were never as tempting as a few more hanks of luxury yarn***. I've solved this problem by getting a nostepinne, realizing how useful the swift would be alone, and proceeding stepwise.

**A few irritating facts about shoes I've recently learned:
1) I'm now wearing (or very soon will wear) a size 8 shoe/boot.
2) Size 8 boots on clearance sell out before any other shoe in the store.
3) Women with size 8 shoes who want to wear those lovely knee-high boots are never, NEVER allowed to work out, walk more than fifty steps, or use their calf muscles for anything besides looking cute.
4) My calves are closer to a size 10 in boots, although no matter how much baby weight I gain, I don't believe my feet will ever be that size.
5) Quite possibly, it's time for me to give up my lovely winter boots and pad around in sneakers and flats for the duration. I'll have to knit extra-thick socks so my ankles don't freeze!

***Not having a swift or winder also slowed down consumption of said luxury yarn, which was an economic fringe benefit. Alas, no more.


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