Monday, June 04, 2007

Almost there

I'm 39 weeks today, and it's now growing obvious that this kid will not be too early. The pregnancy is disrupting everything--my shoes, my sleep, my sanity--but I know that after Bonzo gets born, I will look back on this as a very restful time. I've had nine months to deal with it, but I'm still just as flabbergasted by the idea of another little person in our family as I was on the day I found out. The knitting just crawls along; mostly on the nights when I say I'll knit, I end up just pulling out part of my yarn stash, petting it, and packing it all back up.

I did manage to finish the Baby Surprise Jacket, which I was so excited about I had to photoblog before I sewed it up or slapped buttons on it or even wove in the ends. I supposed that since it was by another EZ, I was really obligated to try the pattern! It was great fun, had enough challenge to keep me interested, and the different stages of the sweater are broken down into chunks that are just big enough to relax into the knitting without getting stranded. I did have a little trouble with overshooting the decreases, though, and had to rip pieces of this five or six times!

I was also really entranced by the folding-up end to this pattern, as was Mr. Trope. Surprise! It really is a jacket-like object. The other "surprise" was that this is not baby-sized at all; it's a good toddler jacket. And I swear I got gauge, for once. The kangaroo in the background is one of Mr. Trope's old baby toys, crocheted by his aunt a long long time ago. She made a crocheted bear for Bonzo too; if I go overdue and have time for such things, I'll have to show off some pictures of all the handmade treasures that Bonzo has accumulated. They are really works of art, all of them.

This was knit with Plymouth Encore Colorspun DK, in some discontinued color I got from the stitching store I got in my little Hometown years ago. Knit on size 4 needles; I made gauge and then went to splurge on some Addi Turbos for this project, but they got lost in the move (sob!) so I ended up starting on the straights I inherited from my mother and never did find them so I could switch over to circs.

There's been a lot of work today: cleaning up my real job, crib and cosleeper set-up, kid laundry, diaper washing, packing and organizing. I'm pooped. This was all prompted by my first "real" contractions, which absolutely knocked the wind out of me for about 20 minutes before stopping entirely. Bonzo could be here tomorrow! Or, it could be a week from Sunday. Who knows? We'll keep you posted if anything happens, though you all should know better by now than to interpret my lack of posting as anything exciting.


Blogger sweetfigs said...

When I saw you had a new blog entry, I was all THE BABY'S HERE! So, whether you post or don't post, I'll be taking it as a sign that THE BABY'S HERE! ;)

6:16 AM  
Blogger sweetfigs said...

P.S. Any chance you'll get to KIP this week?

6:17 AM  
Blogger sweetfigs said...

P.P.S. And I meant to compliment you on the BSJ, it's very cute, but I was distracted by thoughts about THE BABY BEING HERE! [shnort]

Be well!

6:20 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

HA!! Thank you, Ms. Figs!

If there's no baby, I'm hoping to KIP! However, the hardest part of getting anyplace lately is a backache that seems to only show up in the car, so we'll wait and see. I really think one of those chocolate hamburgers would do me good, you think?

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Michelle said...

The chocolate's on me if you come! Hope you can make it, but of course we totally get it if you don't. We'll just spend the whole time saying, "Maybe the baby's here!"

The jacket is sweet, and being on the large side just means you'll get more use out of it. :)

4:38 AM  
Blogger Granny said...

Bet by now you're becoming tired of the waiting.

Best wishes!!

8:48 PM  

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