Monday, October 09, 2006

silk purses and sow's ears

Hanne Blank explains -beautifully- that we should all play to our strengths.
Perhaps you can learn silk pursery, perhaps not. There’s no reason you shouldn’t try. With talent and application maybe one day you will be able to do silk purses as beautifully and gracefully as you can do sow’s ears right now. But if you can do sow’s ears wonderfully right this very minute, then do them, by God, and if you can do them with a glad heart, so much the better for you and for them.

I haven't decided whether I'm currently making a silk purse or a sow's ear. More updates on that in good time.

(Please go read the rest of the essay, by the way; it's short, and lovely, and besides being apropos of everything, it's also entirely right for my not-quite-craft blog. I would copy the whole thing and paste it on my banner if not for copyright and length.)

Around here? Still a mess. If you haven't been reading the LJ, you may not know the carpet saga: the carpet in our bedroom got wet from underneath during the big storm last week. There's also water in the wet wall, leaking either from outside or a pipe or possibly both, and there's Mold Which Shall Not Be Named or Thought Of in the bedroom/office/storage space. Thank all, it's not our house, so we don't have to pony up on all this. But my dear spouse has been coughing and snuffling due to a combination of mold and cold, so we've been sleeping in the living room (upstairs). And the LL wants to put down tile, which (combined with the ONE basement radiator) will plunge the downstairs to meat locker temperatures. We're moving everything out of that room tonight. Anyone know a good cheap place in the far north? Rent or buy, we're flexible, but we HAVE to move. Don't worry, I'll still come down to Humboldt to knit. Must keep my five readers happy, after all.

Spinning proceeds apace, along with some black-and-white knitting projects, and my silk purse/sow's ear thingy. Also, cups and cups of pesto before the basil takes the hard freeze this week. Pics later.


Anonymous mimazu said... seems like there are a lot of apartments for rent in the blocks just to the north of me at the moment. i have no idea what the prices might be like, since i myself am not in the market just now...but if you're serious, it might be worth checking into. want me to keep my eyes open for anything particularly tasty?

7:48 AM  

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