Friday, September 29, 2006


I am looking for a ball of yarn.

Really? In your whole house you can't find a ball of yarn?

Well, I'm looking for a specific ball of yarn, in an only passably fine microfiber, most of which will have been knit into a doomed sleeve on a doomed sweater back when I began knitting five years ago. I found another roaming skein of the same color, picked it up and began the Rosalind project (for a present, so no pictures) with the great confidence that comes from knowing that you have most of another ball, along with eight more skeins tied up in a sweater that you could frog if need be. I was so, so proud: I was stashbusting! Now I have picked up and put down almost every type of yarn in my collection, which means:

1) I dug through the yarn island (it used to be a kitchen island until I appropriated it) and pulled the yarn off both shelves inside the island. They are now repacked.
2) I dug through the three large plastic storage bins hanging out in my closet, along with the smaller clear shoe bins which hold my tiny percentage of yarn which is actually earmarked for a project.
3) I went into the storage closet and pawed through the super old, crunchy, Red Heart acrylic that I'm saving in case there is ever a planetwide yarn shortage and I have no other choice.
4) Then I got more creative: linen closet? Christmas paper bin? Bottom of closet? Behind desk? Pantry? (Hey, I lost my scrapbook* in there for the better part of a year.) Behind my books? C's office? C's closet?** All no, absolutely no.

It's just vanished. The better part of a sweater is gone. Unless I find it, I will have to go out and by more yarn (and no, I know I'll never match the dye lot) for this "stashbuster" project.

It's time to get on the road and get out of town. Ohio, here I come! See you Monday or Tuesday.

*Yes, I have too many hobbies.*** Shaddup.

** May I just mention again how much I love this man? Not once did he make the joke, "Hey, I found some yarn right over here!" and not once did he grumble when I approached him, wild-eyed, wanting him to look through HIS banker's boxes. He is a kind man. Or possibly he understood the dangers of taunting a woman in yarn withdrawal.

*** I'm still spinning like a madwoman, with no idea what I'll use this fiber for. It just feels. so. good.


Blogger Shannon said...

That happens to me more often than it should. I hope it turns up soon.

3:44 PM  

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