Sunday, October 29, 2006

fall sucks, but at least they give you an extra hour

(Jess Klein, ladies and gentlemen. She'll be here, on the CD player, all week.)

We awoke this morning after going to bed at a reasonable hour (for the first time ALL YEAR) to hear Speaking of Faith instead of Weekend Edition. That's odd, I thought. Pledge drive strangeness? Audio misfeed? Or, wait... maybe it's EARLIER THAN I THINK!

For some reason* we got no reminders about daylight savings time ending this fall. It was a happy little surprise. So now I have time to post and eat some oatmeal with my coffee before heading off to the gym, and that just makes me thrilled.

Around here? Our basement and bedroom are mostly all in one piece. I still haven't cleaned the construction gunk out of my shower, but there are no longer workmen tromping through the house at day and night, so that's something. My parents found themselves in the same city and got to go out to dinner last week. I did get to go see Inga Muscio along with thistles and had a great time. I'm not knitting.** I'm barely spinning. And no, I'm not keeping up with LJ or any other blogs. I even started deleting some blogs off my RSS feed, thinking, "When will I ever have time or inclination to read these?" Unfortunately, the first ones to go were the folks I read in the name of "broad viewpoint": the anti-abortion activist. The former priest. The older woman. My list of knitting blogs, on the other hand, keeps growing. The struggling male writer. Perhaps I'm just crawling back into the echo chamber, or perhaps I like to read what I know.

Yes, I'm a little embarrassed to admit all that. But it's fall, and time to draw inwards a little. Or a lot.

*because we're hermits now and we no longer even bother to read the news.
**I am, however, picking up a lace pattern occasionally, counting it, swearing at it, and throwing it back down every 48 hours or so. Does that count?

Cross-posted to LJ because I'm lazy.


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