Monday, August 21, 2006

Knitting block

First: I saw a knitted tag the other night! It was a green-and-blue tree scarf with white buttons, in Hyde Park on Woodlawn just north of 55th.

Next: I sadly missed the very summer very public KIP last week due to some work madness, and I'm so thrilled that Mary et al are giving me another chance! I can't wait to come along and see the yarn and the art. This time, I will keep my schedule better.

Finally: I'm having a little knitting block lately. I just want to knit, I don't want to think! But the Sooper Sekrit project is getting a little dicey, and my attempts at scarf design are requiring several re-knits. Add to that a weakening in my self-imposed yarn diet, some first wobbly steps towards planning for knitted Christmas presents, and a great deal of uncertainty about whether I'll have enough yarn for any of the projects I have in the pipe. I'm ready to take a break and work on some socks... but I don't have any socks going at the moment! Perhaps I'll rip back the Bad Sock tonight and begin that again. It's tough to work without a pattern.

Here's the scarf quandry at the moment: the top feather and fan pattern is the same lace that the wise ladies at My Sister's Knits swatched to lure me into the yarn. (For those that ask: Noro Aurora, color 4 lot A) The bottom swatch is a corruption of the "Glasgow Lace" sweater from the most recent Interweave Knits--"corrupted" because I looked at the sweater and loved the lace, but couldn't see that sweater shape looking good on me and couldn't stomach adding any more shaping in an allover lace pattern than was already present. I have two skeins of this stuff--another shopper at the yarn store swore that she made an entire Clapotis out of just four skeins. So it ought to be skinny, and I love the lace pattern from "Glasgow", but I also love the way the color works with the waves in the feather and fan pattern. I'm looking for something more original than the exact pattern I saw in the swatch, and I'm thinking that the colors may not look as impressive with a thinner scarf (and thus a wider color repeat). Your thoughts?

Doyle doesn't seem to care for one any more than the other. He just likes the birds.
I'm beginning to like this Blogger Photo feature more, after giving up and finally making extensive use of the "preview" button. I mistrust it, though, because I can't tink the code to understand where it's going to put my picture on the page. It does save a step over Photobucket, and with the speed at which my computer is moving these days, that's pretty important.


Blogger sturdygirl said...

hmmm. i like the feather and fan. i think it is just 'busy' enough to be interesting but not distracting from the color changes.

looking forward to seeing you thurs.! woo hoo! i'll be there around 7. :)

7:25 AM  
Blogger Trope said...

Thank you! I'm leaning towards the feather and fan now, too, after I see the photos. Odd how looking at something on a computer screen is entirely different from seeing it in real life--I get too distracted by the shiny in the yarn to make real rational decisions.
Now I need to find another scarf yarn suitable for the Glasgow Lace project.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! Yea, I think that the tangled garden socks are pretty, but they're for my mom (Christmas?) and I'm not sure how she would feel about arm warmers... :) Have you decided on your scarf pattern yet??

4:34 PM  

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