Monday, April 24, 2006

Why yes, I do live for this.

How much do I love my Cubbies? I love my Cubbies SO MUCH.

Not only did they play an incredibly slow four innings while we were detained in class, not only did Pat and Ron talk us through a lovely night at Wrigley, not only are they rallying from the loss of Derek Lee.

Not only did they make six runs in one inning. To take the lead and win the game.

But they avenged our 2003 team against the Marlins. It was spectacular. I sat there with my beer and my garden path shawl and counted down the outs.

Also making me happy this week: Kris Delmhorst. I went to see her last night when I was bleak and strange, and she helped rescue my soul.

Links roundup:
Ema (bless her) puts the mifiprex debate into a little perspective.
One of my mainstream feminist organizations sent me an email today telling me to "sound the alarm" and blog about the fake abortion clinics that are wrecking women's physical and emotional health. Little do they know that the real bloggers hit that topic on Saturday. However, Twisty's characterization of PP was less than generous.
And this little site is starting to become viable. Little by little, I'm moving. Hooray!


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