Sunday, April 09, 2006

links roundup

Mostly so I can close my browser for the weekend.

Questions about Plan B, or that mysterious menstrual cycle in general? PZ Meyers explains it all for you.

Somebody better explain it to the North Mariana Islands, where they're not finding many choices about their reproductive health. Yes, women in SD are being forced to bear children, but women in the NMI are being forced to terminate. (I don't remember where I found this. If someone else finds this link, tell me where and I'll hat-tip them.)

Angry Black Bitch, generally fabulous anyway, attacks that hideous Duke rape/murder email and how the media response fits the pattern of just failing to care that much. (Can I mention how hideous it is that this story intrudes on my baseball-watching time, which--as a Cubs fan--is generally a land of happy fantasy?) The full email text is available over at Pandagon, though I'd recommend you not go read. I can't even look up the link, I am too horrified to read it a second time.


April fools! A bunch of girls in Ravenna, Ohio decorated the town a la Super Mario Brothers, with shiny question-mark cubes in the trees. And then some scared townspeople called the cops, alleging terrorism. Their letter-to-editor, complete with spelling mishaps, is priceless. And let's look at this from the bright side: if kids these days are supposedly more conservative and less liberal than the previous generation, at least they've still got a sense of humor. And the reaction of the freaky adults in their lives will hopefully teach them some common sense. (found via

Knitted nautiloid! and the rest of this season's Knitty is up.

Oh heavens, how much do I want to make this shawl? SOOOO gorgeous. I think I even have the yarn.

Cubs win! Grand slam! Cubs win! 8-4! CUBS WIN!

Thank you, and good night.


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